South African Lady with Chic African Necklace and Bun Knot Hairstyle

Pretty South African Girl with chicy African Necklace and Bun Knot Hair Weave

Pretty South African Girl with chicy African Bead Necklace on Maxi  Collar Necklace and Lovely Bun Knot Hair Weave

A cheerful South African girl is proud to exhibit traditional African attire. She is wearing a blue band bead necklace with rainbow colors slapped over a lace necklace. Although the lower part is not visible, the blue strapless bustier dress must be one of those long ones, the maxi flowing dress that is suitable for cultural attire. A lot of black girls really look like Queens in cultural dresses, a fresh breath from the popular, cheap and trashy stuff that is seen often seen on Instagram and Facebook.

This is one of the prettiest faces of an African girl spotting a Bun Knot style weave that looks so neat, tidy and simple. You have to love this girl because she makes looking good so simple with little effort. Here is a girl who looks so natural, beautiful and stylish without putting so much makeup. This is what you call chic traditional style.?