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Calculate Shein Customs Fees Easily | Guide


Understanding Shein Customs Charges When importing goods with Shein, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the customs charges involved. By familiarizing yourself with these charges, you can estimate your Shein customs costs accurately and avoid any surprises. The calculation of Shein customs charges is influenced by several factors, including the value of …

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What Goes with Khaki Shorts?

Khaki shorts white t-shirt and sun hat

What Goes with Khaki Shorts? Whether you are going for a sporty-chic look or a light academia aesthetic, khaki shorts will be your new best friend.   Some people think that khaki shorts are only for golf players or retired businessmen, but in reality, they work for everyone. You can go for a classic look …

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15 Types of Clothing from Head to Toe for Men

15 Types of Clothing from Head to Toe for Men In the ever-evolving world of fashion, understanding how to dress well is a skill that transcends trends and speaks volumes about one’s identity.   Our article aims to break down the essentials of men’s fashion into manageable components, offering insights into crafting outfits for various …

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16 Types of Clothing from Head to Toe for Women

Model wearing white suit and shirt

16 Types of Clothing from Head to Toe for Women Is it time for you to renovate your wardrobe already? or are you just looking for the essentials that you must have? Either way, you are in the right place. In this article we will show you 16 types of clothing from head to toe …

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10 Brands Similar to Lilly Pulitzer


10 Brands Similar to Lilly Pulitzer   If you want to feel like you are in a Barbie movie, then Lilly Pulitzer is the brand that takes you there. The brand is mostly known for selling colorful clothes and innovative patterns: from dresses to shirts and winter wear. If you want to wear something disruptive, …

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10 Different Types of Sweatpants

Sweatpants and sneakers

10 Different Types of Sweatpants Sweatpants have been around for over a hundred years, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they come in all shapes and forms. Whether you’re looking for sweatpants that are made from different types of fabrics, tighter or looser, there’s something for everyone.   In this article we will …

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The 10 Different Types of Cardigans

Green knitted cardigans

What Are the Different Types of Cardigans? Everyone should have at least one type of cardigan in his or her closets. Cardigans are the perfect coat to use all year round: from a light cardigan during summer, to a cosy one for the colder months. Not only cardigans are super useful for staying warm, but …

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Is It Fine to Wear High Tops with Shorts – Men & Women

Short Cargo Pants and High Top Sneakers

Is It Okay for Men and Women to Wear Shorts with High Tops? Fashion is about art, style, aesthetics and functionality. Why would you want to wear high top sneakers with shorts? This fashion style was adopted from the NBA basketball sporting attire in the USA. It’s best suited for young men because of its …

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Hilton Weiner Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Hilton Weiner Stores, Factory Shops and Offers   Hilton Weiner is a premium South African fashion store that specializes in sophisticated suits, blazers, shirts, trousers and shoes. If you are looking for an exclusive style for a cocktail party, awards show, red carpet event or other important function where high profile guests are expected and …

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Naartjie Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Naartjie is a South African store that sells clothing, shoes and accessories for babies and kids under 10 years of age. The store was founded in 1989 by a fashion designer named Anne Eales. She started out selling fashion items from her home in Cape Town, then moved to a commercial shopping mall at the …

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