Baby Boom Stores, Factory Shops and Offers

Baby Boom SA

Baby Boom is a store specializing in products for infants and toddlers up to 3 years old. You will find an assortment of products from baby cosmetics to toys, nappies, cots, car seats, diaper bins, strollers, pouches, potties and baby food etc. Since a mother and her baby cannot be separated, you will also find products for expectant and breast feeding mothers. This includes breast pumps, maternity clothing, travel systems and all materials designed to make taking care of a baby easier convenient and comfortable.  So whenever you are expecting, taking care of an infant or raising a toddler, Baby Boom should be your one-stop shop. Whether you are travelling, driving, home bound or leaving your baby in the care of a nanny, the modern mom knows that taking care of a baby can be tough, but thanks to technology and innovation, the troubles of yesterday’s generation should not be part of your life. There is a solution for every need, and with companies like Baby Boom you will cut your worries by more than half.

The South African Baby Boom store has been operating for a long time since the 1990s and today, there are more than 40 Baby Boom stores and factory shops nationwide. What keeps the company ahead of the pack is that its CEOs try their best to bring trending products onto the market. The pace of innovation is extremely fast in the baby products industry, and working women are constantly searching for a product that will cut the time spent in babysitting. Safety is of greatest concern to most mothers, and that’s the reason why a mother has to monitor her baby 24/7 hours a day. Modern baby products such as prams, feeding chairs, feeding bottles, toys, car seats and furniture are manufactured with safety in mind.

To start checking out what Baby Boom has to offer, you have to visit the online store. Here you can browse through 20 categories, and like most shoppers, you will find regular essentials, as well as something interesting and creative that you think would be useful for your baby, yourself or your baby sitter. Take a look at the product and learn how it works, it might be your best find of the year! There are items that people don’t know about that may change your life forever, so don’t be reluctant to try out new things.

Baby Boom Specials and Offers

Every month, there are baby products on special offer on the online store, from an Addis Bath Combo to a Donna infant car seat. If you have a Smartphone or laptop, you can download the monthly Baby Boom catalogue from the online store. The catalogue contains a lot of combo deals that allow you to save anywhere from R55 to R200.

Baby Boom Facebook Competition

This baby competition gives you an opportunity to win a R500 shopping voucher for your baby. To enter the competition, your baby should be in one of the four age groups allowed to participate:

0 to 6 months,

6 to 12 months,

12 to 24 months,

24 to 36 months

Visit the company’s Facebook Page, and submit a picture of your baby. Four finalists in each age group will be chosen to compete for the monthly prize. Send your baby picture to  with the name of your baby and age, including the mother or father’s contact details.

Every month, Facebook fans have an opportunity to vote for their favourite baby. If you know a lot people, ask them to vote for your baby. To vote for your favourite picture, visit the competition page on Baby Boom website. Choose your favourite picture and send an SMS to 34049 containing the baby’s first name.

The baby of the month winners will be announced on the website, as well as on the Facebook Page, so you should join the Facebook Page to keep updated.

The rules for the competition are laid out below:

  • Send only one photo of your baby (The photo should be recent)
  • Your baby must not be more than 36 months old
  • Indicate the name and age of your baby
  • State the mother or father’s contact details

Winners are announced on the first day of each month, and on the next successive day if it’s a public holiday or weekend.

If you enter the competition this month, your entry will be published on the website next month if you have been selected as a finalist. Finalists and winners are announced on the same date. If you have been announced as a winner, Baby Boom will send you an email. Follow the instructions in the email to claim your prize. The prize is a R500 Baby Boom voucher, which you can use to buy items of your choice at the stores.

 Baby Boom Rewards Programme

One of the benefits of shopping at Baby Boom is that you are eligible to join their savings club – the Boepie Club. However, you have to be an expectant mother in order to enjoy the benefits. By joining the club, you will earn points for every penny you spend at the local stores, anywhere in South Africa.

On top of that, you won’t need to run around when you are planning a baby shower. The Boepie Club has special staff who will take on the task of putting up a baby shower list for you. Your list will be shared with friends and family, and on the day of the party, your wishes will come true as people shower you with gifts that you have always wanted. Occasionally, people may bring you the same gifts, but this is not a problem as the Club can exchange the gifts for something different.

To join the Club, go to the online store and sign up with your email address. Fill in your name, address, city, province and remember to choose a store near you.

Baby Boom Email Deals

If you do not want to miss any special deals from the store, you have to join the Baby Boom newsletter which is sent to subscribers on a regular basis. Only your email address and name are required to sign up for email deals. If there are promotions with great savings and discounts, you will be one of the first people to get their hands on the deals.

Baby Boom Factory Shops and Stores

You can find a list of factory shop outlets and stores in South Africa by using the online store locator that makes use of Google Maps, so make sure that you have an internet connection when you are a searching a store online.