Audi Offers South Africa

audi motor company

audi motor company

Audi is known for its uniquely designed cars. It is no surprise that its luxury sedans were uniquely and tastefully designed, and offered, to its teeming customers in South Africa, a dynamic and thrilling driving experience. These sedans are simply efficient to drive and maintain.

Audi hasn’t failed to incorporate it’s very forward thinking and innovative philosophy into its luxury car designs and driving experience. With the inclusion of exceptional and advanced technologies.

The form of mobility which Audi’s luxury sedan car design displays, is just evident of its breakthroughs in being able to infuse its progressive motoring mindset, in all its cars designs. It’s just the perfect kind of automaker for South Africans. They might come at a premium price, but Audi’s cars are worth every dime spent on them.

For many South Africans, there’s this age-long belief that owning a sedan that has the capacity to deliver the kind of superb motoring experience that Audi sedans do give, would drill a hole in their pockets. It is for this reason that Audi has made efforts with resounding breakthroughs, in trying to improve on their avant-garde motoring innovations, and hence, have circumspectly incorporated these innovations into the new luxury but yet affordable cars, for South Africans.

Audi has always been at the forefront of unique innovations, in the motoring industry, ranging from front line technologies to motorsport breakthroughs to ground-breaking advancement in engine fuel efficiency. Not forgetting cutting-edge safety features, as well as luxury accessories to ensure more comfort.

In order to make sure that South African motorists benefit from this offer luxury sedans. Audi has made arrangements and partnership deals with car dealers within the country, to provide financial services to take care of this….

The limited special offers and exclusive deals in the offing for South African motorists and provided by Audi, has made it possible for the average motorist to afford a more luxurious and efficient vehicle. With the financial options which are quite flexible, the motorists would be able to pay up and own the cars that they always wanted to have the pleasure of owning.

This offer is so good, it allows motorists the privilege to drive the luxury sedan…at a fixed rate of 2% (prime minus) or a linked rate of 3.5% (prime minus). The guarantee offers available, also allows for the assurance of the future value of the newly acquired luxury sedan. Thus, this makes the resale value of the luxury sedan quite optimal, as well as reducing costs that would have been accrued from buying a brand new car. Motorists in South Africa can move to this new model/plan, in every three years.


Audi, like other notable automakers in the motoring industry, pride themselves in the continued pursuit of automobile cutting-edge perfection. They try in various ways to seek out any means by which their vehicles and accessories can be upgraded and improved. They also make concerted efforts to ensure that motorists get the best of in-ride experience, with regards to comfort and luxury. Their progressive and a pioneering designs makes them outstanding. And having eased the financial burden that comes with the acquisition of luxury sedans; Audi is assuring South African motorists that they can now actualize their dreams of owning a luxury sedan. Not just any luxury sedan, but an Audi luxury sedan!


Audi South Africa. 129 Patricia Road Sandton, Johannesburg 2195. South Africa. Telephone Numbers: 0860 434 838 (Local) +27 41 994 5616 (International)