May 2016 archive

South African Female Star Oozing Natural Beauty and Makeup Perfection

Zizo Beda Tshwete,a South African celebrity of natural beauty looks good  and amazing in this picture of hers.The bun knot hairstyle just looks perfect on her and the makeup is spot on, including the large round earrings which accentuates her elegance and beauty to that of an African Queen.You gotta love the eyebrows and red …

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Young South African Celebrity Girl Looking Cool in Casual Attire

  This is Boity, A young black girl from South Africa looking cool and smart in blue/white patterned short and conservative dress that is suitable for casual occasions.It’s not clear but it seems she has a long sleeved top underneath or maybe the long black and shiny sleeves are part of the dress design.Whatever the …

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South African Woman Shines in Simple Flowered Dress and Headwrap

Our smiling South African queen is spotting a decent look, a traditional look, conservative attire ,perfect to go with to church or just at home.This pretty lady is wearing a sleeveless,high neckline dress with flower patterns.The African head wrap that looks like a turban has a dark violet color that matches well with the flowered …

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South African Woman with Long Black Curly Hairstyle Looking Chicy

  A  South African woman with style looking cool ,beautiful and confident.This good-looking girl is wearing a fancy plain coloured dress with rounded hemline and side slits.The color of this short body-tight dress looks like a mix of dark green and dark grey.It is a good match with the lady’s black leather jacket, and complements …

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Chicy and Pretty South African Girl with Swag

  Looking chicy,sophisticated and smart,this pretty South African girl got swag.Everything is perfect – a tight fitting dark blue top with long neck,clean and sharp dreads that are well taken care of,face matching eyebrows and glasses, perfect red lipstick,cute oval face and lips and the necklace is on point.

Pretty South African Girl in Bodycon Dress

Pretty light skinned black South African girl wearing a medium length white bodycon dress,stylish red/maroon heels and red/maroon African head wrap

Beautiful South African Girl with Long Black Straight Brazilian Weave

  Beautiful South African girl with long black straight Brazilian weave, wearing a tight black dress that stands in matching contrast to her light complexion.